T-Shirt Buying Guide

 Almost everyone I know has a t-shirt they love and a tale to go with it. The narrative of how your t-shirt went from being an unassuming piece of underwear to a highly sought-after outer garment is the stuff of Hollywood legend (and your closet).

There's little need to prove that a T-shirt can be worn everywhere, from a corporate uniform to a political demonstration to a dance party. Many people all over the globe rely on their trusty t-shirt as their go-to piece of clothing because of its versatility and low price tag.

Type of Fabric

If I'm going to buy a T-shirt, I want to make sure it's made of high-quality material and has enough fibers.

In most cases, t-shirt textiles will be either cotton (100%) or a cotton/synthetic fiber blend (50%) or polyester (100%), or a polyester/synthetic fiber/cotton/rayon (35%). Jersey is used for lighter, less expensive t-shirts, while sweatshirt jersey is used for heavier, more expensive t-shirts with greater drape. Cotton spandex is also used for flexible t-shirts.

Printed Patterns

T-shirt designs may be more important than the shirt's material or any other factor. All other concerns can melt into insignificance after you've fallen in love with the artwork, cool texts, quotes, etc. on the front of a t-shirt.

Fitting & Sizing

Some people are more concerned with fit and size than others. If you fall into the second group, choose a coat that is the same size as the one you normally wear.

Alternatively, you can test each one out for yourself at the store. When shopping online, though, this becomes an issue. Brands have different sizing standards. Use a measuring tape to determine your shoulder width and chest size, then compare those numbers to the brand's size chart.


T-shirts are not appropriate attire for most formal parties. It is important to consider the context in which you will be wearing one. Considerations vary depending on whether you're going to the gym, playing football, or going out with friends.


This is something that everyone should think about, but must ultimately decide for themselves. What you can afford is what you buy. I'm at a loss for words.

Design Elements for T-Shirts

Tees with crew necks and short sleeves are the norm. But that's not the end of it. T-shirts come in a wide variety of cuts and fabrics, and there are countless ways to wear them, from a single shirt to several layered together or even several stacked on top of one another.

Color of the t-shirt

Once again, this is a matter of taste.

Construction, Shrinkage, Pilling, and Color Fading of the Fabric

Some of the t-shirts you buy shrink so much after one wash that they look like crop tops.

This happens frequently when washing a brand-new t-shirt because the already overstretched fibers return to their un-stretched condition and cause the garment to shrink and expand, respectively.

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